Bug ID Link Component Summary
1185098 Platform>DevTools Regression: "show show computed styles sidebar" is seen in the tooltip for "computed styles sidebar" icon.
1185058 Platform>DevTools Regression: Copy/force-state/break-on options are seen empty in chrome for all Web Elements.
1183705 UI>Browser Regression: Glimpse of background contents is seen when browser is docked to the top of the screen.
1183671 Internals>Plugins>PDF Regression: Delay is seen for PDF's scroll bar to move to the right when PDF menu is closed in RTL.
1182573 UI>Browser>Permissions Regression: Text in Bluetooth permission overlay is seen distorted.
1182108 UI>Browser>Profiles Tool tip is seen misplaced for color palettes in "Customize your Chrome profile" page.
1181680 UI>Browser>Profiles "Customize your Chrome profile" text is washed out in dark mode.
1181205 UI>Browser>Profiles Mouse pointer blinks when hovered over the ends of the profile circles in "Customize your Chrome profile" page.
1180783 UI>Browser>Profiles, Blink>Forms>Color "Eye dropper" isn't functional on "Customize your Chrome profile" page.
1180088 Platform>DevTools Regression: "Status", "Buffer", "Time" is seen faded in performance section of DevTools in dark mode.
1179637 UI>Browser>Permissions, Platform>Extensions Wrong favicon is seen for permission blocked for extension.
1179203 UI>Browser>Omnibox, UI>Browser>NewTabPage Regression: Text Cursor doesn’t appear in Realbox when clicked on it while Google apps overlay is opened.
1178726 Blink>Input>PointerLock Pointer lock gets disabled when pressed "F6" key.
1178411 Internals>Media>ScreenCapture, Blink>GetDisplayMedia Application window in Screen share overlay is seen blank after minimizing and maximizing the browser.
1177636 UI>Browser Regression: Mouse pointer blinks when hover over ends profile icons in "Add person" page.
1176656 Platform>DevTools DevTools window gets closed when PDF is refreshed.
1175654 UI>Browser>NewTabPage Regression: Focus is not seen on "Custom color" tile when focus is shifted from "Color and theme".
1175041 Blink>Storage>FileSystem Regression: Able to drop any file type into the HTML5 terminal in 'Incognito' window.
1173389 Internals>GPU>Internals, UI>Settings Regression: Reset button blinks when clicked on "Reset" or "Cancel".
1172215 Blink>Input>PointerLock Pointer lock gets disabled when pressed left "alt" key.
1171703 Platform>DevTools Regression: Unnecessary blue focus line is seen after focus is transverse from "Framework listeners" checkbox.
1171224 UI>Browser Regression: Tooltip is seen misplaced when scrolling on "Add person" page.
1170280 UI>Browser Able to open NTP even though app info overlay isn't dismissed.
1169575 Platform>DevTools Regression: Horizontal scrollbar isn't seen in "Media" page of DevTools.
1169078 Platform>DevTools Layout page scrolls down when pressed spacebar key on color boxes in "Flexbox overlays".
1168475 Internals>Plugins>PDF "Rotate counterclockwise" button is pointing towards clockwise when RTL is triggered.
1168446 Platform>DevTools Regression : 'Layout' section blinks continuously when tried to scroll-down while mouse pointer is on color picker option of the button.
1168046 Internals>Plugins>PDF, Platform>Apps>BrowserTag Regression: Chrome crashes when audit is performed on PDF.
1167647 UI>Browser Regression: Link text is not seen visible in "chrome://apps"
1167065 Blink>Paint>DarkMode Globe icon is seen faded when doodle is dragged and dropped in the tabstrip.
1166590 Internals>Plugins>PDF PDF Viewer UI isn't notified of content rotations that are invoked from in the plugin
1166115 Internals>Plugins>PDF Regression: PDF is seen chopped momentarily when resizing the browser.
1164855 UI>Browser Scrollbar buttons aren't seen on "view page source" page.
1164304 UI>Browser Unnecessary scrollbar is seen in settings page of Guest Mode.
1163477 UI>Browser>NewTabPage Regression: "More action" icon is washed out when applied themes from "Color and theme".
1163426 UI>Settings Glimpse of "Saved payment methods will appear here" is seen when reloading "Payments Methods" page.
1163052 UI>Browser>Import Regression : 'Import bookmarks and settings' overlay doesn't get dismissed after pressing 'Esc' key.
1163018 UI>Browser>ExtensionsManagement Regression: Unnecessary grey highlight is seen on "Shortcut key" when focus is shifted.
1162890 Blink>ViewSource Regression: Screen blinks when viewing page source of chrome internals pages in dark mode.
1161688 UI>Browser>NewTabPage Add shortcut button is not seen on NTP when shortcut is enabled as "My shortcuts".
1161486 UI>Browser>NewTabPage Regression: Shortcuts on NTP are seen misplaced.
1161159 UI>Browser Manage search engines page is seen blank after navigating back.
1161115 UI>Browser Regression: Mouse pointer continuously blinks when mouse pointer is hovered over ends of avatar circles.
1160674 Platform>Apps>OSIntegration Continuation dots are still seen even though shortcut name is too short.
1160645 UI>Browser Regression: Tooltip isn't seen for Minimize and Restore down buttons.
1159772 UI>Browser>ReportAnIssue Regression: Send feedback to google overlay is mispositioned.
1159769 UI>Browser>PrintPreview Regression: Glimpse of page indicator is seen in print preview when destination field is changed.
1159291 UI>Browser, UI>Browser>Sessions Duplicate window opens when pressed "Ctrl+Shift+T" key after restarting chrome.
1158339 Blink>Fonts Regression: Font size indicator bubble is seen chopped.
1157758 Platform>DevTools Regression: Custom device name is seen chopped in emulated device overlay.
1157390 Platform>Apps Unable to remove custom shortcut from "chrome://apps".
1157037 UI>Browser>NewTabPage Promo bar overlaps with focus of shortcuts on NTP.
1156995 UI>Browser>NewTabPage Regression: Customize button is seen misplaced on NTP When scrolled to the bottom.
1156581 UI>Accessibility Quick highlight focus is seen misplaced after clicking on "Organize" icon of "Chrome://bookmarks".
1156051 UI>Browser>NewTabPage Regression: Focus is not seen by default on first style of background image.
1155440 UI>Browser>Downloads Regression: Thumbnail of downloading file flickers in download bar.
1155050 UI>Accessibility Quick highlight focus is seen misplaced after adding shortcut on NTP
1154609 UI>Browser>NewTabPage Thumbnails aren't seen for shortcuts on NTP.
1154117 Platform>DevTools Regression: Color picker overlay in Devtools doesn't get dismissed by pressing "Esc" key.
1153033 Platform>DevTools Regression: Vertical Scrollbar is not seen by default on "Storage" page of DevTools.
1152675 UI>Browser>NewTabPage Regression: "Customize this page" overlay in "Background" automatically scrolls to bottom.
1152348 Platform>DevTools Regression: Styles section of DevTools isn't loading for "Webstore".
1152261 UI>Browser>TopChrome>TabStrip>TabGroups Regression: Group color indicator blinks when opened a NTP to the right.
1151847 Platform>DevTools Regression: [DevTools] Separator line between "Key" and "Value" is seen chopped.
1151817 UI>Browser>Bookmarks Regression: Website name is seen scrolled to the end in "Name" section of "Edit Bookmark" overlay.
1151212 UI>Browser Regression: Edit shortcut overlay is seen chopped/misplaced when zoomed-in on NTP.
1150725 UI>Browser Regression: Focus on "Report abuse" check box is seen asymmetrical.
1150323 UI>Browser>Accessibility Quick highlight focus is misplaced after opening "More actions" overlay of shortcuts present on NTP.
1149851 UI>Accessibility Quick highlight focus is seen misplaced in emulation window when device mode isn't set to responsive.
1149250 UI>Browser>Bookmarks Favicon isn't seen for "chrome://version" in the bookmark bar.
1148185 UI>Browser>TopChrome>TabStrip Regression: Tab disappears when dragged out of tabstrip when RTL is triggered.
1147374 Internals>Printing Google logo isn't seen in print preview after opening print preview for the second time.
1146987 UI>Browser>NewTabPage "Google apps" icon is not seen when zoom level is '500%' on the NTP.
1146939 UI>Browser Screen Share control panel is seen distorted when dragged to top left of the screen.
1146338 UI>Browser>Omnibox Regression: URL is automatically highlighted on omnibox of NTP when "chrome://bookmarks" is navigated on Incognito window.
1145963 UI>Browser>WebAppInstalls Chrome window moved behind other application window when a PWA is uninstalled
1145447 UI>Browser>Bookmarks Bookmarks favicon aren't seen for bookmarks present in "Other bookmarks" in bookmark bar.
1144624 UI>Browser>NewTabPage Regression: Promo bar is not seen on NTP by default.
1144597 UI>Browser>NewTabPage Regression: new tab on guest mode is seen broken in chrome.
1144064 UI>Settings Unnecessary search result is highlighted for "Caption Preferences" when "quic" is searched on "Chrome://settings".
1143222 UI>Browser>Profiles Regression: Focus is seen chopped from the bottom in "Add Person" overlay in the last row.
1142343 UI>Browser>Omnibox Regression: Unable to move cursor between typed text in omnibox using "Arrow" keys.
1141774 UI>Browser>NewTabPage Regression: "More action" icon on NTP is seen washed out when "White" background is applied.
1141408 Internals>Installer, Build Regression: [Windows-32Bit] Chrome automatically gets uninstalled.
1141291 UI>Browser>NewTabPage Regression: "sign in" link is not seen blue in color in "Chrome://apps".
1140934 Blink>Forms>Color Eye dropper is non-functional in Color picker overlay of "Grid overlays".
1140388 Regression: tabs to the left of the collapsed group blink when NTP is opened to the right of the collapsed group.
1139799 UI>Browser>Language>Translate Regression: Unable to translate test URLs to other languages.
1139250 Blink>Geolocation Regression: Unable to allow location permission on chrome once blocked.
1138767 Platform>DevTools Regression: Breadcrumbs shiver continuously when "Textbox" is inspected.
1137698 UI>Settings Regression: Unable to open "About chrome" option in "Chrome://settings" on first instance.
1137347 Platform>DevTools>UX Regression: Focus is seen unsymmetrical on "Learn more" link in "Issues" section of "DevTools".
1136420 Platform>DevTools Regression: Unable to expand Affected Resources entries by clicking on the Pane.
1135997 UI>Browser>FullScreen Regression: Chrome becomes non-functional after clicking on "eye dropper" and enabling/disabling fullscreen mode.
1135969 Build Chrome isn't updating to latest Canary, Dev and Beta Builds.
1135471 UI>Browser>SafetyTips Regression: "https" is not slashed out for "not secure" URL.
1135056 UI>Browser>NewTabPage Regression: Realbox suggestion box is seen chopped from the bottom.
1134072 Platform>DevTools Regression: Glimpse of computed frames is seen when clicked on "Show all" checkbox when DevTools is docked to bottom.
1133164 UI>Browser>NewTabPage Unable to navigate to doodle link by dragging it to tab-strip.
1132244 Blink>Forms>Select Regression: Permission options are seen incomplete in permission drop-downs.
1131367 Platform>DevTools Focus is lost when traversing focus in "Grid overlays" from one checkbox to another.
1130903 UI>Settings Spinner on search box spins forever on "Chrome://settings" page.
1129763 Blink>Fullscreen, UI>Browser>Zoom, UI>Browser>WebAppInstalls Regression: Zoom bar is chopped in full-screen mode for PWA.
1129364 Platform>DevTools Glimpse of contents of DevTools is seen on the right when switching DevTools theme.
1129322 Internals>Printing, UI>Browser>NewTabPage, UI>Browser>PrintPreview Regression: Doodle is not seen on NTP when print preview is dismissed in Dark mode.
1129296 Platform>DevTools Focus of Highlighted URL is seen chopped and Blank portion is seen on scrolling under 'Media' section of Dev-tools window.
1128873 Platform>DevTools Regression: Contents inside element section of DevTools continuously shivers.
1128285 Platform>DevTools Regression: Highlights in element section of Devtools is seen chopped.
1127220 UI>Browser>Omnibox, UI>Browser>Navigation Regression: Omnibox opens abruptly when navigating to websites.
1126798 UI>Settings Favicon icons are washed out in "Manage search Engine" overlay.
1126362 Regression: Globe icon is seen distorted on pinned tab when dark mode is triggered.
1126001 Internals>Compositing>Rasterization Regression: Flicker is observed in "Add search Engine" overlay
1125511 Platform>DevTools Regression: Unable to bring focus on "style" properties in computed pane using Keyboard.
1125444 Internals>Media>ScreenCapture Regression: Unable to share screen by double clicking on the "Screen" in "Share your screen" overlay.
1125041 Platform>DevTools Regression: DevTools abruptly closes when clicked on "Group" checkbox in "Computed" pane.
1124613 Platform>DevTools Computed frames are seen blank when hovering mouse between the computed pane and console pane.
1124196 UI>Browser>NewTabPage, UI>Browser>Themes Regression: White patch is seen on NTP when browser window is undocked.
1122892 Blink>WebAuthentication Regression: Chrome crashes when tried to create a security pin from "chrome://settings/securityKeys".
1121094 Regression: Thumbnail images aren't loading when mouse pointer is hovered over tabs.
1121057 UI>Browser>NewTabPage Regression: Promo bar on NTP switches to white color on dark mode when print preview is opened.
1120222 Internals>GPU Regression: Entire Browser Flickers when double clicked on tab strip or navigated to any site
1119736 UI>Browser>MediaCapture Regression: Screen Share control overlay is seen washed out when Dark mode is triggered.
1119305 UI Regression: Focus is lost after shifting focus from checkbox in "Restore" bubble.
1117389 UI>Browser>Bookmarks Bookmark icon is not seen for bookmarks added from "chrome://welcome"
1116929 Regression: Pinned tab disappears when dragged in tab-strip.
1116375 UI>Accessibility Quick highlighted focus is seen misplaced when clicked on "google apps" icon.
1115912 Platform>DevTools Regression: Tab crashes when audit is executed on PDF.
1115443 UI>Browser>NewTabPage [WebUI NTP] Color selector icon is seen misplaced after reopening the color picker overlay.
1114958 UI>Settings Regression: Searched contents aren't getting highlighted inside "Cookies and other site data"
1114604 Platform>DevTools Regression: Focus is seen misplaced when tried to transverse focus from "Event Listeners" in Dev-Tools.
1114050 UI>Browser>NewTabPage Regression: Color picker icon is seen white in color after applying "White" background.
1113601 Platform>DevTools Regression: Unable to toggle device toolbar when Devtool window is docked into a separate window.
1113107 Internals>Input Regression: [Native File System API] files are not seen for the directory selected.
1112673 Blink>Forms Regression: Contents of drop down get auto scrolled when hovering mouse inside the drop-down.
1112252 UI>Browser>Bookmarks Bookmark icon is not seen for websites that are added from chrome://bookmarks.
1111715 Internals>Plugins>PDF Regression: Unable to covert image to PDF using "Adobe Acrobat" extension.
1110832 UI>Browser>NewTabPage Regression: Wrong text is seen selected in real box when RTL triggered.
1110268 Platform>DevTools Regression: Focus is seen on "width" and omnibox at the same time.
1109676 Platform>DevTools Regression: Glimpse of "computed" frames is seen when opening Dev-tools in websites.
1109160 Platform>Extensions Contents are seen chopped in "word document" after resizing the browser.
1109138 Internals>Cast>UI Regression: Source drop down icon is seen red in color in "Cast Tab" overlay.
1108716 UI>Accessibility Highlighted focus is seen misplaced when scrolling on the page.
1108223 UI>Accessibility Wrong focus is seen highlighted when focus is transverse to omnibox.
1107803 UI>Browser>NewTabPage Able to drag shortcuts around the entire NTP and "Unavailable" mouse pointer is not seen while dragging shortcuts around NTP.
1107340 UI>Settings>Privacy Glimpse of expanded contents are seen on "chrome://settings/siteData" page.
1106624 Platform>DevTools>UX, Platform>DevTools Labels in "Run command" in DevTools is seen washed out.
1106259 Regression: Color indicator icon is not seen on grouped tab when moved and held from one tab strip to another.
1105779 Platform>DevTools Regression: Blank tab opens and Dev tool window is not seen after changing theme and reloading Devtools.
1105401 UI>Settings Regression: Unnecessary scrollbar is seen in "add a site" overlay.
1104735 UI>Browser>Permissions>Prompts Regression:Permission prompts aren't seen for 'Pan-Tilt-Zoom' and 'Pan-Tilt-Zoom + Microphone' buttons.
1104116 Platform>Extensions Glimpse of previously typed shortcut is seen when clicked below "Type shortcut" text box.
1101734 Platform>LighthouseAudits Regression: Dual focus is seen in "Tools menu" section of "Lighthouse"
1099195 UI>Browser>Themes Regression: Wrong Color is seen on "Close", "Restore down" and "Minimize" buttons after applying Dark theme.
1098611 UI Regression: Site info bar for popup has darker contrast than expected.
1097047 Platform>Extensions Contents in "Google.com" flicker when mouse is hovered to bottom of the webpage.
1096477 UI>Browser>PrintPreview Regression: Contents of "twitter.com" are seen blank in print preview overlay in dark mode
1095949 Blink>Paint Regression: close icon is not seen in 'Google Earth' by default.
1095904 UI>Browser>Passwords Regression : Check password button and info line overlap with each other on resizing the browser in chrome://settings/password.
1095547 Platform>DevTools Regression: Glimpse of "computed" frames is seen when opening Dev-tools.
1094830 Blink>Input>PointerLock Pointer lock gets disabled after pressing "F11" key.
1093702 UI>Browser>Bookmarks, UI>Browser>WebAppInstalls Regression: Able to add chrome internal pages as shortcuts.
1093223 Blink>Paint Regression: White border is seen around "chrome://dino" page.
1093196 UI>Browser>History Duplicate searches are seen for a single search in chrome://history when "DuckDuckGo" is set as default search engine
1092811 UI>Browser>PrintPreview Regression: Unnecessary "theme changed" pop is seen in print preview overlay in dark mode.
1092366 UI>Browser>Themes Regression: Unnecessary 'Restore down' button is seen on tab strip after applying theme.
1091683 UI>Browser>Omnibox>SecurityIndicators>VerboseChip Red triangle icon is not seen in shortcut window.
1091143 Platform>LighthouseAudits Regression: Device frame is not seen while performing audit on websites.
1090764 Blink>Forms Regression: Drop down is seen chopped in "Google calendar" extension.
1090684 Platform>LighthouseAudits Regression: Cannot run audit on websites.
1090238 UI>Browser>FirstRun Regression: "Set as default" button is seen inverted in "chrome://welcome".
1088426 UI>Browser Regression: Theme is not applied correctly on bookmark bar in full-screen mode.
1087733 Internals>Printing Print preview is seen blank while printing on "Google Earth".
1087252 UI>Input>KeyboardShortcuts Regression: All shortcuts in wrench menu is washed out.
1086326 Internals>Media Global media control "Play" button points left in RTL
1085729 Blink>JavaScript Regression: Tab crashes when switching templates on crbug.com.
1085366 Platform>DevTools Regression: Title bar is not seen on DevTools when undocked to a separate window.
1085356 Webstore Contents of webstore are seen blank in emulation window.
1084913 UI>Browser>Thumbnail Regression: Incorrect thumbnails are seen in add shortcut overlay.
1084398 UI>Browser>Omnibox Regression: Upper-case suggestions aren't seen bold in omnibox
1083848 UI>Browser>WebAppInstalls Regression: Separator is not seen in site info in gmail app.
1082703 Blink>Input Regression: Mouse pointer flickers when hovered over drop downs in emulation mode.
1082069 UI>Browser>WebAppInstalls Regression: 'x' icon is not seen in site info bar in installed Web Apps.
1081588 Blink>Forms>Color Regression: Wrong color is displayed in color picker in emulation mode.
1081123 UI>Browser>Bubbles Regression: "Close" button is not seen on restore bubble after browser crashes.
1080528 UI, Platform>Apps Regression: Find icon is not seen on window strip in V1 apps.
1079174 Platform>DevTools Regression: Unable to focus on "edit" and "remove" buttons while back traversing using "Shift+tab" key.
1078705 UI>Browser>WebAppInstalls>Desktop Regression: Find bar controls are seen chopped in app window.
1078677 UI>Browser>Omnibox, UI>Browser>NewTabPage Regression: Bookmark icon is not seen in realbox.
1077667 Platform>DevTools Regression: "https://support.google.com/" is opened when "F1" key is pressed in "Devtools"
1077254 crash when closing tab group
1075528 IO>Keyboard, UI>Internationalization>RTL Wrong text is selected in RTL when "Shift + right-arrow key" is pressed.
1074270 Cannot add credit card in google payments page.
1074220 UI>Browser>WebAppInstalls Regression: Location icon in PWA windows has insufficient contrast
1073901 UI Images are not seen on "https://webplatformapis.com" after clicking on "Sync manually".
1073778 UI>Browser Regression: Search icon is seen inverted in "Select a destination" overlay.
1070902 UI Regression: Cannot scroll up/down using "arrow" keys in "Devices" section of "Dev tools".
1070506 UI Regression: Focus on "Responsive" in Dev-tools is seen larger than expected.
1070149 UI Regression: "Pau..." is seen instead of "Paused" when user signs out of chrome.
1069373 UI>Browser>Themes Regression: Cannot apply theme second time after clicking on "Reset to default".
1068926 Last tab is seen instead of the selected tab after moving tab group to new window.
1068901 Regression: Chrome crashes when clicked on "Move group to new window".
1068566 Services>Sync Regression: chrome navigates to "https://www.google.com/" when signed out of chrome.
1068514 UI Regression: Prompts are not seen on "https://chrome-storage-dot-oyiptong-chrome.appspot.com/"
1068443 UI, UI>Browser>WebAppInstalls Regression: Shortcut window is seen instead of Popup window when Popup is triggered.
1068065 Platform>DevTools Regression: Focus gets lost while traversing focus from "Add custom device" in 'Devices' section of 'Dev-tools' window.
1067503 UI>Browser>Omnibox Regression: Search icon is seen misplaced from its original position in fake box on NTP.
1067136 UI>Browser>Incognito Regression: Global media control overlay is blacked out in Incognito window.
1066767 Platform>DevTools Regression: "Timezone" and "locale" text boxes are seen overlapping each other in Dev-tools.
1064943 UI Rejoin call option is still seen in the "pop out overlay" even after dismissing the call.
1064190 UI>Settings Regression: Unable to scroll down using "Page Down" key in "chrome://settings/languages".
1063359 UI Regression: "Google Earth" App window strip is seen Black in color.
1063275 UI>Browser Regression: Translate icon not seen in PWA in Tablet mode.
1062946 UI>Browser>Omnibox Regression: Long suggestions are seen chopped in fakebox.
1062525 Platform>DevTools Regression: JavaScript error is seen when audit (on Desktop) is executed on "Gmail" shortcut.
1062183 UI>Browser>WebAppInstalls Regression: Gmail ipen-in-window bookmark app doesn't get input events
1061869 UI>Browser>WebAppInstalls Regression: Find icon not seen on V1 apps in Tablet mode.
1061352 UI>Browser Regression: Improper sequence of focus is seen on "Bookmark" overlay.
1060934 UI>Browser>Omnibox, UI>Browser Regression: Glimpse of "Chrome URLs" is seen on "Realbox".
1060895 UI>Browser>Omnibox, UI>Browser>NewTabPage Regression: Favicon icon blinks in realbox when long words are typed.
1059659 UI>Browser>Passwords, Internals>Input>Touch>Screen, UI>Browser>WebAppInstalls Regression: Passwords cannot be saved in Shortcuts/PWAs in Windows 10 (Touch)
1059156 UI>Browser Regression: Screen share control overlay is un-draggable in RTL.
1058715 Blink>Media>Controls, Blink>Media>Autoplay Regression: Videos on "https://www.twitch.tv/" cannot be played after pausing them using Global media control.
1058344 Blink>Forms>Color, Platform>DevTools Regression: Focus of color picker is seen yellow in color in emulation window.
1058311 Platform>Extensions Regression: 'refresh' and 'toggle button' is seen overlapping in "chrome://extensions/" when font size is increased.
1057942 UI>Browser Regression: Check box in create shortcut overlay is seen grey in color.
1057901 Platform>Extensions Extension Toolbar icon is not seen in Shortcut Window.
1057888 UI>Browser>Profiles Regression: Profile menu is seen smaller than expected.
1057045 UI>Browser Regression: Chrome gets uninstalled even after canceling the uninstall overlay.
1056594 UI>Browser>Profiles Regression: Text present in the avatar menu is seen blacked out.
1056513 UI>Settings Regression: "System" and "Reset and clean up" are broken/blank in "Chrome://settings".
1056068 UI>Browser>WebAppInstalls Regression: Permission icons disappear when shortcut window is resized.
1055673 UI>Browser>WebAppInstalls, OS>Systems>Input>Shortcuts Regression: "Reload this page" and "Back" buttons disappear when app window is resized.
1055239 Platform>Extensions, UI>Browser>WebAppInstalls Regression: Extension toolbar icon is seen chopped in V1 apps in RTL.
1055197 Blink>Fonts, UI>Settings Regression: Slider bar of "Font size" doesn't function when "Ctrl+Right/left arrow" key is pressed.
1054315 UI Regression: Avatar icon and Wrench menu is seen washed out when tab is dragged out to create a new window.
1053837 Regression: "New tab" button is seen overlapped with grouped tabs when browser window is resized.
1052735 UI>Browser>Omnibox, UI>Browser>NewTabPage Regression: Glimpse of suggestions are seen on fakebox when NTP is closed.
1052233 Platform>Extensions Regression: Welcome page of "Earth View from Google Earth" extension is seen distorted.
1052224 Regression: Mouse pointer changes to i-beam pointer when tab group is dragged out of the tab strip.
1051865 UI>Browser>Omnibox Regression: Suggestions are seen chopped in fakebox when font size is increased.
1051393 Platform>Extensions Regression: Extension toolbar icon is seen chopped when tablet mode is triggered.
1050919 UI>Browser>WebAppInstalls Regression: 3-dot icon in V1 apps is seen distorted when app window is resized.
1050480 UI>Browser>Core Regression: Pop-up window icon gets overlapped with minimize icon on "https://" websites.
1050449 Platform>Extensions Regression: Extension toolbar menu icon is seen distorted when tablet mode is triggered.
1049911 Platform>DevTools Regression: Shape of the mouse pointer changes after audit is executed on V1 apps.
1049006 UI>Browser>Omnibox Regression: Autofill suggestion in omnibox are seen grey im color after clicking on omnibox.
1048598 UI>Browser>Autofill, UI>Browser>Autofill>UI Regression: Text in auto-fill drop-down is seen washed out.
1048594 UI>Browser>Bookmarks Regression: Continuation dots are seen just next to the folder icon in bookmark bar.
1048489 UI>Browser>Autofill Regression: Cursor is seen misplaced in "Position Marked" field of "chrome://autofill-internals" when RTL is triggered.
1048076 Platform>Extensions, UI>Browser>WebAppInstalls Regression: Extensions icon is seen chopped after resizing the app window
1048061 Platform>Extensions, UI>Browser>WebAppInstalls Regression: Extensions disappear after resizing the app window.
1047086 UI Regression: The border of Tab group is seen flickering when a non-grouped tab is dragged into it.
1046648 UI Regression: Focus is not seen on color selector icon when the focus is traversed using Tab key.
1046299 Regression: Momentarily flickering of color indicator is seen when tab group is dragged
1045365 UI>Browser>Bookmarks regression: Focus on "Bookmark all tabs" overlay is seen grey and focus on "New folder" added is seen lighter.
1045312 UI>Browser>NewTabPage Regression: Shortcuts are seen distorted after zoomed out on NTP.
1044957 UI>Browser>NewTabPage Regression: Focus is seen broken on Google properties icon when zoomed-out.
1044868 Regression: White patch is seen when a pinned tab is dragged across a un-pinned tab in 'RTL'
1044499 Regression: Colors of two different tab groups are merging with each other.
1043848 Blink>Paint Regression: Inner focus of color picker is not seen white in color.
1043583 Blink>Fonts, Blink>HTML>Focus Regression: Focus is seen chopped on "About Chrome" under "chrome://settings".
1043053 Blink>Paint Regression: The focus on the color slider of color picker is seen larger than expected.
1042582 Blink>Forms>Color Regression: Unable to select color percentage using 'Space bar' key in color picker.
1041764 Platform>DevTools, Platform>LighthouseAudits Regression: "YouTube" App window strip is seen Black in color after running Audit.
1041324 UI>Browser Regression: The Focus is seen black in color.
1040856 Internals>CrashReporting, Platform>Extensions Regression: Chrome crashes when new extension is added after removing pinned extension.
1040479 UI>Browser>WebAppInstalls Regression: Glimpse of the 3-dot icon is seen when full screen is triggered for V1 apps.
1040368 UI>Browser>TopChrome>TabStrip Regression: Duplicate window is opened when "Ctrl+Shift+t" key is pressed on keyboard after crash is induced
1039166 UI>Browser>Omnibox Regression: The auto fill suggestion text has a dark highlight in omnibox of normal and Incognito window.
1038866 UI>Browser>Incognito Regression:White patch is seen around Incognito window.
1038613 UI>Browser>NewTabPage Regression: Background of NTP flickers when clicked on 'Manage People'.
1038314 UI>Browser>PrintPreview, UI>Internationalization>RTL Horizontal Scroll bar won't work when "#force-ui-direction" flag enabled to "Right-to-left".
1036755 Internals>Accessibility Regression: Chrome crashes when clicked on "start recording" in "chrome://accessibility".
1036258 UI>Browser>Profiles, Services>SignIn Regression: The ring around the "Avatar" icon is seen narrower than expected.
1035802 Internals>Printing, Blink>Layout>Printing Same page is seen multiple times in print preview overlay.
1034953 UI>Browser>Profiles Regression: Variation in shape is observed of the ring around the avatar icon in 'Guest' mode.
1033431 UI>Browser>Incognito, UI>Browser>Themes Regression:Incognito Background is seen distorted when Theme is applied.
1031042 UI>Browser>PrintPreview Regression: Delay in transition is observed when triggered to landscape or portrait in print preview overlay.
1030617 UI>TaskManager, UI>Internationalization>RTL Regression: Focus is seen distorted in Task manager.
1030174 Platform>Extensions, Blink>Animation Regression: Glimpse of 'Extensions' overlay is seen on 'Keyboard shortcuts' overlay.
1029695 UI>Browser>Profiles, Blink>Animation Regression: Glimpse of the Avatar is seen on 'Add person' overlay.
1028014 UI>Browser>PrintPreview Regression: Glimpse of the background image is seen in the print preview overlay.
1027459 Platform>DevTools>UX, Platform>DevTools The emulation window is seen chopped in DevTools.
1027422 UI>Browser>NewTabPage Regression: NTP has a grey shade and 'Customize menu' is seen misplaced from it's original position.
1027060 UI>Browser>NewTabPage Regression: Google properties icon and 'avatar' icon on NTP is seen shifted in RTL mode
1026551 UI>Browser>Downloads Regression: No space is seen between texts in 'Download entry'.
1025686 UI>Browser>Profiles Regression: Error/Paused chip has a darker shade than expected.
1025634 UI>Browser Regression: Unable to relaunch chrome when navigated to 'chrome://restart'.
1025196 UI>Browser>FindInPage, UI>Browser>NewTabPage Regression: Flickering is observed in the 'Find bar'.
1025139 UI>Browser>NewTabPage Regression: 'Customize this page' overlay closes abruptly while closing and switching between tabs.
1024764 Blink>Paint, Platform>DevTools Regression: NTP is seen cut in 'layers' section of 'DevTools'.
1024717 UI>Browser Regression: Focus is seen broken on 'Avatar' icon.
1024149 Platform>DevTools, UI>Browser>NewTabPage Regression: White patch is seen around NTP in 'layer' section of 'DevTools' window.
1023777 Platform>DevTools, UI>Browser>NewTabPage Regression: The 'Google Properties' icon, 'Gmail' and 'Images' text is seen broken in the 'Layers' section of 'DevTools'.
1023333 UI>Browser>NewTabPage Regression: Flickering is observed while switching between the tabs.
1023267 UI>Browser>NewTabPage Regression: Movement of 'Google properties' icon, 'Gmail' and 'images' text is seen on NTP.
1022690 UI>Browser>NewTabPage Regression: Shadow is observed around the photo credit text.
1022277 UI>Browser>NewTabPage Regression: 'Avatar' icon is not seen in the emulation window.
1021841 UI Regression: 'Avatar' icon is not seen next to the 'wrench' icon.
1021500 UI Regression: 'Incognito' counter is seen inverted.
1020973 UI>Browser>NewTabPage Regression: Flickering is seen while closing NTP's.
1020474 Platform>DevTools Regression: Flickering is seen in 'layers' section
1019631 UI>Browser>Omnibox regression: The cursor is seen in between the typed query in the omnibox.
1019089 UI>Browser>NewTabPage Regression: Thumbnails are seen misaligned and 'Add shortcut' button is seen chopped.
1018090 Blink>Editing Regression: The cursor moves to the second last letter in the textbox when right arrow key is pressed.
1018059 UI>Browser>NewTabPage Regression: Unable to identify 'White' tile of 'Chrome backgrounds'.
1017668 Platform>DevTools Regression: The layer section of 'DevTools' window displays a dark grey colour.
974178 Platform>DevTools Regression:Unable to see devtools window on restoring browser size to minimum.
787728 Platform>DevTools Regression: [DevTools] Unnecessary console drawer window gets opened on pressing 'Esc' key.